Dual Graph Front Bow Mount

Dual Graph Front Bow Mount

SKU: Dual Bow

             This Dual Front graph mount will accept 2, 12" units or any mixture of sizes under that. (two 9's, 12&9,  two 10's etc..)It is adjustable 2.5" front to back by the slots, and side to side by the mounting holes and slots by approx 2". All stainless mounting hardware is included, predrilled for Lowrance and Humminbird. (minor drilling may be required for Garmin). All stainless hardware included. *NOTE*  The whole unit itself be must be through bolted to the boat deck by the included bolts, nuts, and washers instead of screwed down due to the weight of 2 units.

  • Specs and mounting info

    Riser Bar dimensions- 3.5" tallx 14" wide

    Dual Top Plate Dimensions- 12" wide x 12" long , lowest part to boat deck 3 7/8" (middle of dual top plate), front graph mounting surface 5" from boat deck, rear graph mount surface 5 1/2" from boat deck.  



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